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Read what these real women had to say about their boudoir experience!

Some photos and testimonials may be different #BelovedBabes.

 - Genevieve

"I never would’ve thought I'd have the courage to even think about doing a boudoir session. I was actually a nervous wreck inside, wondering how I was going to pose in lingerie for a bunch of photos and look attractive while doing it. Lindsey made all those nervous butterflies go away. Her sweet, positive, uplifting personality made the whole experience so natural and such a blast. Between the sips of wine and her encouraging spirit, I couldn't have felt more confident throughout the whole session. My husband loved every single photo! Lindsey not only photographed the session with such talent and skill, but made the whole process such an experience to remember.”

- Jennifer

“I am so happy I chose to do a boudoir session with Lindsey. Having a whole day to focus on feeling beautiful was so refreshing. Lindsey made me feel so comfortable when we were taking photos, and she was so fun to be around. When we were done and I saw the pictures, I couldn’t believe it - I was in love! These photos weren’t taken for anyone but myself, and I will treasure them always for helping me feel beautiful and confident when I haven’t felt like that in so long. To anyone considering boudoir because you don’t feel like you’re at your personal best physically, emotionally, or you don’t have a significant other, I encourage you to do the photos for YOU! I promise you won’t regret it."

 - Melissa

“My experience with Lindsey, was hands down the best time of my life! I felt so comfortable, empowered and sexy during my entire session. Lindsey had ideas for me and also listened to my ideas to incorporate in the best way possible. I recommend this experience for EVERY LADY OUT THERE!!"

 - Amber

it was like a dream. I've never been so pampered in my life. the hair and makeup was so amazing, and I still can't believe how amazing I looked. Lindsey taught me how to bring out that strong and beautiful woman. She made me laugh, smile and cry. she made me feel so comfortable even though I've put on weight and I have all these stretch marks, none of that mattered. The tears were tears of joy. Just recognizing how amazing I truly am. and I never would have had the opportunity without Lindsey. I believe every woman should have this done. I don't care what you think about yourself today once you get it done you'll come out stronger and more confident.

 - Miranda

Lindsey is sincerely AMAZING! This pregnancy has been changing my body so much, so I was hoping this would help me love my new body. I was nervous to the point of nausea until Lindsey greeted me at the door. Every worry just melted away, and I got excited. She has that about her. She was super helpful and just made it like a fun girls hang out. During the review of the photos that were taken I was shocked of how amazing she did. 😍 I can’t wait to get mine back! I’m already saving up for another session with her. Thank you so so much, Lindsey, for this amazing experience.

 - Emily

“When someone says “boudoir photography”, the last thing you think of is comfortable. However, that’s exactly how I felt! It was like doing a fun photoshoot with a friend: lots of giggles, music and strong girl confidence! Lindsey has such a warm personality and makes this experience beyond comfortable and unforgettable!"

 - Diane

“Lindsey was so courteous, attentive and AMAZING with me throughout the whole process! She is incredibly creative. But most importantly FUN! She has a great sense of humor, which made my boudoir shoot that much better!! She made everything so easy throughout the whole shoot by providing an ideal intimate location, guiding me with outfit options and glamming me up with her awesome glam squad. Personally this was such a genuine and unique memory for me. Thank you Lindsey for such an incredible experience and the outstanding effort you put into capturing me in my most vulnerable, true, and happy form!!!"

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Get A free boudoir guide!
My exclusive Boudoir Guide walks you through the entire experience from start to finish.
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