Creative Ways to Gift Your Boudoir Photos

Disclaimer: I want to start by saying real quick that you are in no way required to be in a relationship to do a boudoir session. At the end of the day, it’s about building your confidence…always. So if you’re single, don’t take this to mean you need someone to gift them to. You already have someone. YOU. Okay now I’ll get off my soapbox. 🙂

So you just crushed your boudoir session and are obsessed with your photos (duh!) You did it to boost your confidence and are feeling so sexy and on top of the world. You are so giddy at the thought of sharing them with your loved one. You know they’ll be surprised, but you really want to do something special and creative. Don’t worry, I’ve got some ideas for you!

  1. For my brides: On your wedding day, during your first look, plan time to privately exchange gifts between just the two of you. This is a great time to gift him an album! (Plus your wedding photographer can capture his face when he opens it! His reaction will be priceless.)
  2. Plan a special date night and wear one of your boudoir outfits underneath. Slip him a note at the dinner table that you’re wearing some new lingerie and have a surprise waiting at home.
  3. Take one of your prints or canvases and discretely place it in the closet or bathroom where he will see it. Leave a note that teases that there’s more!
  4. Create a series of clues that lead him on a quest throughout the house and ends with him finding your boudoir album.
  5. Text him one tame, yet sexy photo letting them know that a surprise waiting when arrive home! It’s a great way to build some anticipation!
  6. On the night before the birthday or special anniversary etc., hide your album under his pillow. Leave a special note inside.

The presentation of the gift is half the fun, so have a blast.

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